Project Management

Effective Project Management Ensures Optimum Outcomes

Vision Software uses the agile project management methodology known as Scrum.

Scrum is an innovative approach to getting work done, and offers particular benefits for the software development industry. Our approach ensures that:

  1. The most important work is done first - our clients get what they need faster
  2. Our clients are involved throughout the process, rather than signing off a 300-page requirement specification and waiting 6 months to find out if the software is as they imagined it (it never is, for a lot of good reasons)
  3. Our clients receive software they can use at an early stage, providing "quick wins" and maintaining momentum throughout the project
  4. Our clients can change their priorities without penalty during a development project. Sometimes features that seemed important at first are no longer needed; at other times features or requirements that were low priority or hadn't even been considered can be introduced at a higher priority. This is the essence of an agile approach.

A number of our team are Certified Scrum Masters and in addition to the agile approach we also observe traditional Project Management fundamentals. We keep our clients informed at every step of the journey, ensuring that objectives are met on time and within budget.